Thursday, April 12, 2007

Naughty little nymphs


Google seemingly prove successful at all they touch. Perhaps they could develop leader material that cannot become entangled in trees.

By using the website statistics software Google Analytics, I can monitor the laughably meagre traffic that finds its way onto the Windknotter blog. You can always rely on Google can't you? They've created the world renowned search engine; allowed us to see aerial photographs of our favourite fishing spots; they can also tell us all about the visitors to our websites. With a few mouse clicks, I can find out all sorts of information: which sites they were referred by; how long they stayed; what type of computer they have; how they voted in the last general election; and whether they bought the last Coldplay album.

But one of the most interesting reports shows the search terms that visitors typed into search engines before ending up on the blog. Here are the top five:

  1. "Accidental Angler" - 19 searches
  2. "Charles Rangeley-Wilson" - 5 searches
  3. "River Chess trout" - 5 searches
  4. "Airflo Comfort Zone waders" - 3 searches
  5. "Flyfishing Cambridgeshire 'the Cam'" - 3 searches

For a flyfishing blog, there are few surprises here. But every now and then a few search phrases sneak in under the radar. For instance, there have been a couple of occurrences of 'naked flyfishing women'. It sounds like a pretty unlikely search, which makes me think it's the same person each time. I could probably find out if I wanted to. And in the Google search results, Windknotter doesn't appear until page nine, so this person was clearly keen. But at least it has a general flyfishing theme to it. I'm less confident about 'naughty little nymphs' which led someone or other onto the blog back in January. And for the person, presumably male, who searched on 'michaela strachan naked' last month, the Windknotter must have been a profound disappointment. No doubt they quickly left and diverted their attention to an altogether different type of website.

So, if you're here after searching the internet for 'michaela strachan naked' or 'john craven in underpants', just watch out because I'll know.